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Spoorthi S Kumar

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The founder of Languages Simplified, Ms Spoorthi S Kumar is a Language Expert with years of experience. Started career as a French Language Expert and trained people of different age groups from seven to seventy years.

Trained from basic level to advanced level in French and English for students with various purposes and different backgrounds. Helped executives from fortune 500 companies in their language learning needs for immigration and international mobility. Coached international students studying in France, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium on job searching skills. Helped people in India with different languages.

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Feedback from Students

I have been learning French from Spoorthi past 4 months and she is exceptional! I knew nothing about the language and our French sessions helped me learn the language. After having learnt from her, I can confidently say my French has improved. I understand the language better and it is helping me with my office projects.

She is a friendly, highly observant, and cleared my doubts instantly. Learning French with her was a fun and rewarding experience. Her French knowledge base is unparalleled and I thoroughly recommend her as a French tutor.

Merci beaucoup, Spoorthi!

Bonjour! I have been meeting Spoorthi for four months now, thrice a week. When I started, I could barely say hello in French. I have never learnt another French before, and still have a great deal to work on it, yet I truly feel that I have made some amazing progress in four months. Spoorthi is an extremely capable, ideal and experienced French tutor, and I'm exceptionally happy she is my teacher. She is smart in her methodology and consistently ready. She gets us to speak and she corrects our frequent mistakes appropriately, with a good balance of examples and explanation.

She is an incredible tutor: Professional, proficient of the French language and culture, charming, mindful, kind fun and patient! She's been an incredible match and she clearly adores what she is doing. She truly assisted me with working on talking, perusing, and writing in French, as well as to learn more verb tenses, vocabulary, and to become proficient conversing about everyday life in the French language. It was genuinely a brilliant encounter taking illustrations from Spoorthi! I happily recommend her to all who are looking for an online French tutor. I may not have always shown it, but I'm grateful to have such an awesome tutor like you. Thank you for all the wisdom you shared and setting a great example.